Can you Survive the Onslaught of Our Zombie Games?

Earn to Die

screenshot of Earn to Die: Hacked game

It’s all very well earning a living, but when zombie takeover happens, your perception of what it means to “live” changes dramatically, so you don’t want to be spending your precious time grinding for money. Earn to Die hacked lets you experience the wondrousness of the original, but with a healthier cash flow and some in-level perk as well. 

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Earn to Die 2

screenshot of Earn to Die 2: Hacked game

If you’re someone that enjoys the sound of progress but likes all of the progress to happen immediately without having put any work in to achieve it, then Earn to Die 2 hacked has your back. With all of the hit-and-run vehicular action of the unhacked version, Earn to Die 2 hacked lets you buy up the upgrades you need to eradicate the zombie scum roaming the environment immediately. I’d say “no mess, no fuss”, but the former would be a lie. There’ll be brains everywhere. 

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Infectonator 2

screenshot of Infectonator 2 Hacked game

How many times have you been playing Infectonator and truly enjoying yourself only to be annoyed and frustrated when you have to cut your experience short because you simply don’t have enough time to play through the game for long enough to earn the money required to purchase all of the upgrades you desire? Eliminate your problem with Infectonator 2 Hacked, a game that is identical to the original, only with vast quantities of easy money to get you from bacterial zero to infectious hero in a fraction of the time it would take in the original. 

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Infectonator 3

When a game is as entertaining as Infectonator 2, it’s only natural to desire more of the same, and to want it as soon as possible. This isn’t the way that sequels work, unfortunately, since developing sequels takes time, money, and ideas, all of which are at a premium in the modern day. Infectonator 2 from Toge Productions improved drastically on the original by including deployable zombies and generally changing its style and approach whilst still maintaining everything from the original that made it unbelievable fun to play, namely the general idea, the gameplay, and the wonderfully nostalgic, pixelated graphics that remind you of a glorious era of gaming where the lack of advanced hardware capability meant more innovation in the substance of the gameplay rather than  being all about the looks. Infectonator 3 surely has to be on the horizon at some point in the near future, so it can’t do any harm to brainstorm a few ways in which this sequel could improve upon its predecessor even further, bringing us the best damned Infectonator game yet. 

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