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Keyhack V fill up the fuel, B add ammo, C add nitro, M add cash.

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Earn to Die 2 Hacked – Every bit as tantalising as the unhacked version, only with all the upgrades you can shake a necrotic zombie brain at

There Will Be Brains

What do we want? Distance-based vehicular zombie smashing action! When exactly would you like this unusually specific request? As soon as is possible, because the zombies are approaching and I’m stuck in this garage that is somehow still open and accepting cash for upgrades to a range of cars that are somehow still on sale in this post-apocalyptic world. This is a problem you are only like to face if you have played Earn to Die, or indeed its all-grown-up successor, Earn to Die 2, in which the aim is to drive a car in a reckless manner across a bunch of terrain in order to reach the other side, earning money for the distance you travel, but also for the zombies that you crush and smash to piece along the way. It’s a game that is almost as brutal as it is fun, but boy does it take a bit of work to earn enough money to afford to upgrade your car. Rest easy, though, since Earn to Die 2 Hacked allows you to get on with the action without having to earn a penny of your money. Rest assured, these hacks will make your life easier and ensure maximum violence inflicted ‘pon the zombie population. There will be brains.

Red is the New Hack

What benefits does this mightily hacked version of Earn to Die 2 give you, then? Well, the perks are as follows:

  • Massive amount of Cash: Cash is the main limitation in the game, so the hacked version gives you lots of it. Simply click on the facebook link at the end of your first level attempt in order to produce $999999 of cash. This allows you to purchase all the upgrades that you could possible want.
  • Nitro Boost: Press C for a nitro boost
  • Fuel: Keep your run going by pressing V to refill your fuel
  • Ammo: Ammunition for your mounted gun (should you have one) can be attained by pressing


Hack Bauer

How does Earn to Die 2 measure up to the first? Well, it’s got more upgrades and some more interesting vehicles, but when it comes down to it, the game feels a little too short, and perhaps even a little shorter than its predecessor. Those playing the game should be made aware that Earn to Die 2 is really just a flash-based demo of the full iOS version of the game, and should be treated like a snapshot into the world of the mobile version of Earn to Die as opposed to a full, standalone game. That said, it is still a little disappointing to play a truncated version of what is really a well-made game. The graphics are of course very stylish and superior to many flash games out there, and the lack of length is almost made up for by the fun derived from using the hacks to buy up everything you can to pimp out your ride to the max. The only problem is, there aren’t many vehicles to buy and not many levels to drive them in.