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Infectonator 2 Hacked – Hacked action of the infectious kind in the figurative and literal sense

More Infectious Than Laughter, More Entertaining Than The Original

Introducing a game where the main objective is to infect the population of a city to a 100% infection rate can be tricky. It’s not that I don’t enjoy wiping out entire populations through biological warfare methods, it just feels a little.. dictator-ey, if you know what I mean. This is one of the reasons that Infectonator 2 is so damned popular since it essentially gives you god-like powers over the population of a variety of cities across the globe, albeit a god with ordinarily limited money who apparently has to buy a load of upgrades which according to the bible he was definitely responsible for creating in the first place. Either way, Infectonator 2 Hacked is a game that has the solution to the problem of having to grind endlessly for money to make any real progress in the game. The hacks allow you to earn money almost instantly, which in turn lets you upgrade your various features to the max in order to bring maximum infection to the world, taking it over one city at a time.

A God Among Men

As a god-like figure looking over the population of a city with a top-down perspective, your job is simply to infect as many people as is specified by the completion criteria of each level. You are able to infect people by using a variety of different methods, all controlled with your mouse: simply click on the screen in order to release the currently-selected weapon/virus in that exact location. The aim is to infect as many people as possible with the fewest clicks, since you are limited in the amount of infections you and zombies that you can use in any one level. Money is earned through your progress, which is then spent on buying upgrades and more biological/explosive weapons to aid in your adventure. People are always running about in the cities, so the trick is to encourage people to group together and spread your virus, with the populations increasing with each city you take on.

Advantage: Hacks

In order to make your progress in the game as smooth as possible, the hacks allow you to attain a massive quantity of cash for doing almost nothing at all. You merely have to click on any of the four links to Facebook/Twitter on the main menu in order to receive a lot more coins than is indicated on the screen. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to like or follow any of the games on Facebook: simply opening the link up is enough.

Virtually unlimited money allows you to go into your labs and purchase upgrades to your attributes such as lifespan and damage resistance etc. as well as allowing you to unlock zombies with comical names such as Gigsaw. Aside from the hacks, Infectonator 2 Hacked is the same as the original, only allowing you to derive satisfaction from it instantly instead of having to grind for a long time for the money required to improve sufficiently enough to make the game enjoyable. Thank you, Toge Productions for making infection fun.