Infectonator 3 Game

Infectonator 3: Ideas for desirable improvements and additions in the much-wanted sequel

When a game is as entertaining as Infectonator 2, it’s only natural to desire more of the same, and to want it as soon as possible. This isn’t the way that sequels work, unfortunately, since developing sequels takes time, money, and ideas, all of which are at a premium in the modern day. Infectonator 2 from Toge Productions improved drastically on the original by including deployable zombies and generally changing its style and approach whilst still maintaining everything from the original that made it unbelievable fun to play, namely the general idea, the gameplay, and the wonderfully nostalgic, pixelated graphics that remind you of a glorious era of gaming where the lack of advanced hardware capability meant more innovation in the substance of the gameplay rather than  being all about the looks. Infectonator 3 surely has to be on the horizon at some point in the near future, so it can’t do any harm to brainstorm a few ways in which this sequel could improve upon its predecessor even further, bringing us the best damned Infectonator game yet.Continue Reading

A World of Possibilities

Though you can definitely re-play through the levels in a higher difficulty mode after completing the game on the normal setting, it would be nice to see a sandbox mode where you can freely dip in and out of each of the levels, revisiting them as you please in the same difficulty level and giving you a little more freedom to choose which levels that you wish to play on which difficult, completing and re-completing objectives as you go and not simply having them disappear once completed the first time around. This would give the game a shake-up in a structural sense and allow the player to get the most out of it.

Zombie Nation

An easy request to pop in at this stage I know, but it’s definitely time for some new zombies with different sets of characteristics in the Infectonator 3. The game is dying out for yet more zombies that are blatant allusions to current celebrities and famous icons so that we can deploy them in the game and feel better about ourselves knowing that in spite of their success, they are still wandering about a flash game as a twisted version of themselves, haggard and necrotic and simply waiting to die.

Choice-Specific Progression

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with Infectonator 2’s level progression, since the difficulty increases in a sensible and responsive manner according to the challenges you have faced before it. As a way of making the game more interesting, however, there is room for a responsive bit of level progression, with the choice of countries depending on where you choose to start in the world, which will also be a free choice right from the beginning. In a sense, this would be similar to Pandemic 2’s wider scope of gameplay whereby the country that you start in can actually affect your performance considerably, as well as the relatively difficulty of achieving 100% infection throughout the world.  

More Traditional Weapons

I’m not referring to the desire for the inclusion of weapon that would be considered traditional in property, but rather a want for a larger selection of good ol’ fashioned firearms and explosives. The choice in Infectonator 2 is between a mere 4 weapons of this kind, so it would undoubtedly be an easy facet of the game to improve upon. A greater selection of explosive weapons that have to be earned and more innovative ways of spreading disease to the sparsely-spread populations would be greatly appreciated features in the sequel.