The Last Stand 3 Union City Game

Union City Light's Up the Popular 2D Survival Series

Ambitious is probably the best word that can be used to describe The Last Stand 3's side-scrolling, zombie-popping experience since the game has made a leap to this entirely new format for the third game in the massively popular series of zombie survival games. Each game seems to have a pattern of retaining the dark atmosphere that reflects the hopelessness of the situation whilst switching around its format each time.

Side-scrolling is this game's format of choice, as well as including a lot more room for upgrading and character selection that borders on the RPG genre. Whether you are new to zombie games or play them regularly, you will find it very difficult not to enjoy the huge quantity of content and variation that this game has in store.

The game takes the form of an RPG-like adventure where the action scrolls sideways. You are free to explore a majority of the environment, but must first create a character by choosing from one of many different occupations such as martial artist, conman, or farmer, each with their own different abilities and weapons; you can also customise your character's appearance and even choose your difficulty.

You must use the WASD buttons for movement and the mouse to aim with the on-screen crosshair. The E key allows you to interact with objects and you must press the indicated keys when you are grabbed by an enemy in order to get free of their grip. Your backpack is accessed by pressing tab from which you can equip weapons and perform all the necessary actions in the game.

The RPG facet of the game's style comes in the form of gaining experience points for each kill which allow you to eventually add skill points as you wish. You can choose whether to make him fast or strong, or proficient in hand-to-hand combat, it's entirely up to you. Another great feature that determines much of the parameters of your gameplay is the choice of difficulty. 'Run and Gun' is the easy/medium equivalent that allows you to go through the game without worrying about resources, whereas 'Survivor Mode' is more akin to the style of the series, requiring you to stop for sleep and also eat at regular intervals in order to truly limit the freedom you have to simply blast through the game non-stop without using a bit of strategy and thought to plan where your next meal is coming from.

The Last Stand Union City's free-roaming format is very ambitious for a flash game, but The Last Stand 3 from developer Con Artist manages to pull it off very well. The game has retained its grim, gory, and gritty style whilst shifting to the side-scrolling RPG format almost seamlessly. The choice of difficulty and also the selection of your character from a huge number of options allows for significant replay value in the game. Much of the action does feel a little bit jerky, though, and fighting with enemies doesn't feel natural and smooth, and can occasionally border on the awkward. In spite of its minor shortcomings, the game is a triumph in terms of its standing in the series, and for those who enjoy becoming invested in weak storyline that is supported by some strong gameplay with depth, this one is a perfect title.