The Last Stand Dead Zone Game

The Last Stand Dead Zone Tips

Getting More Survivors

After you meet certain game requirements, the improvements on your compound will attract more survivors to join up with you and your small group will be expanded by one. Then you will be given a new set of requirements until it is enough to recruit another new member. This is a simple cycle that is followed in order to increase your numbers and expand the things that you can do. In order to help you get a head start on what you should focus on, here are the various requirements that appear per survivor.

Compound Progress:

Food Supply & Water Supply

These two are easy enough to figure out: have a lot of food and water in the base. This means more than just collecting beef jerky and bottled water from various locations, it also means upgrading your existing storage. As you get more survivors, this requirement will reach up to several days worth of food.


Comfort is all about the beds and baths. The more you make, the higher your comfort goes. It makes plenty of sense too, after all, what good is a compound if it means you will have to sleep on the floor? A good way of increasing comfort is by creating plenty of beds and upgrading them. The bath, outhouse and kitchen also add plenty of comfort points, but you can save those as well.


Making your compound as safe and well defended as possible is a natural requirement for anyone trying to survive in a city full of zombies. With that said, focus on building barricades and upgrading them. While having a floodlight and a watchtower would not hurt, the amount of materials required will certainly take a while.


This factor is determined by the happiness of your other survivors. The better and more relaxed that they get, the higher moral goes. To influence moral, you need to participate in successful missions, ensure that your people are not injured, and have plenty of food in the storage. Comfort and security items will also help increase this stat so feel free to invest in those.

Should I Purchase Fuel?

Now here is a nice little question: should you buy fuel? After all, fuel does help, and it will make your progress a whole lot faster. While it is possible to completely enjoy the game without having to pay for credits, expect that some cash rich players will be quite powerful in the PVP raids.

Our opinion is that if you enjoyed this game as much as we have and have a bit of money to spare, then you should consider buying some fuel from the developers. The payback will certainly be good for your character and you can live knowing that you have supported a really good developer for delivering a truly worthwhile game. On the other hand, if you are strapped for cash, or simply think that ConArtists should go in a different direction, then do not buy any fuel at all.

What to Expect in the Full Version

As we stated, the game is still in its beta version, but it is already fun to play and it has so many intriguing elements in play. While we certainly expect to see some improvements with regards to bugs, game balance and other glitches, we can pretty much see that the game is close to completion. For one thing, the fuel system is already available, allowing players to fully invest in their characters and if they wanted to, purchase fuel.

For the full version, we can expect to see all new structures being made available by Con Artists - such as new defenses that actually shoots bullets. Also, interactivity with the game will increase even further. The crafting feature will be implemented and the barricades will much be easier to use (apparently, the devs will be doing without the gaps). We also expect interactivity to get better with facilities such as the kitchen, the watch tower and other structures.